Who’s your pet? Bird, Cat or Dog..?

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If you want to keep a pet, the first question you need to ask yourself is what kind of pet do you want. Do you want a cat, a dog, or perhaps a bird? Many would suggest that if you want to keep a pet, then you should go for a dog. It’s the most popular choice anyway and you stand to have a wide variety to choose from. Cats are also a popular choice and for some, they just have to have both cats and dogs. However, some may even consider getting a bird, just to go for an indoor pet. Well, in that case, let’s start by analyzing this unpopular choice for a pet.


All birds imageBirds are very high maintenance because they are confined to a cage and therefore have to be tended for every need. You have to clean their cage of all excrement and fill it with fresh food and water every once in a while. In some cases, you might want to choose birds that come in pairs, for example, the infamous love birds which mean double the work. You will need a large compound if you wish to keep other types of birds that are bigger.

Some other important facts to look at when looking for a bird pet is their level of intelligence. In Arab countries, a popular choice for a bird pet is the hawk. They are intelligent and obedient and can be kept outdoors. In other parts of the world, a popular choice is a parrot because of its ability to utter words and sometimes even hold a small talk. So, intelligence is key if you look to be entertained by your pet bird. Doves are also a popular choice because of their elegance followed by budgies which are best kept in a pair to complement each other.

Taking care of a bird is not such a hard task. You only need to learn the essentials that are vital to a bird. First, you need to observe your birds’ diet. Luckily, birds eat a wide array of foods, ranging from grains to chunks of meat, and therefore their food is readily available. Bird behavior is the next key thing you need to know. You need to study your bird to understand if they are social or just want to be left alone. Parrots are generally social and will not mind the occasional petting. Because of restricted movement, you will want to have a large birdcage to allow your pet to fly around for a bit.


dog with stickWho wouldn’t love a dog? First because of their friendly nature and two they serve as security, warding off intruders with their nasty barks. Furthermore, they are considered man’s best friend right? In that case, you need to know your breed, how to care for them, and what they need or want. Dogs just want a full belly and a little playtime. Dogs are largely outdoor pets and will, therefore, want to be outdoors a lot. You will have to cater to this need with a walk, a run, or a bit of a wrestle.

When getting a dog, you will probably want a dog that is a good family dog. A good suggestion is a bulldog because they get along well with kids. They are highly adaptable and courageous. They also have a lifespan of 8 to 10 years which is a good chunk of time to have a family dog. A Golden Retriever is also a top family dog. They are medium-sized, have thick fur which is nice to cuddle. They grow to an average of 22 inches which is a good size for a dog that can double as security. Golden retrievers will leave as long as up to 12 years.

Dogs do not demand much and therefore you just need a few essentials to get going. Dogs will eat most meat products and besides, there is a wide variety of dog foods to choose from specific to desired nutrients. It is also important to train your dog to perform some tasks for themselves because they are highly trainable.


abyssinian petCats are the second most popular choice for a pet. Cats are known for their cleanliness, adaptability, and independence. Cats will rarely stay at home if there is no food. They will go out occasionally for the thrill of the hunt. They are great pest control and a good pet even for emotional support. Some will even urge that cats make better pets than dogs. Mainly because of their low maintenance. They also take up very little space and are quieter than dogs. They will be content indoors and will find their way out when they are tired

The question then remains; which cat would you wants to keep. You will probably want to grab yourself a Ragdoll because they are very fond of humans. They will follow you around the house all day. Sphynxes are also considered a good pet because of their striking characteristics that stand out for this hairless cat. This breed is however considered the highest maintenance cat because they prefer the indoors.

The starter pack for a pet cat is to first have yourself a litterbox. That will define their area so that they may be confined to these spaces when eating or napping. The other thing you need to do is to toilet train your cat. Cats will relieve themselves anywhere if you do not train them. Cats will be largely independent and the most you could do for them is groom them regularly and keep their area clean.

A pet can change your life as many pet owners will tell you. Cats are awesome house pets. They are pretty much toilet trained. A pet will lighten the mood in any room because of its playful nature. This is a way to keep your kids busy when they are indoors and to channel their destructive energy into something more constructive.

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