What is Omega?
Omega is a type of fatty acid that is beneficial to both humans and your pets. They include healthy benefits that your body or your pets’ body is not able to produce itself therefore it must be a part of their dietary in order to receive those special benefits.
Types of Omegas

There are free types of Omega-3 fatty acids;

Where do you get Omega from?
ALA is often found in mainly plants, both DHA and EPA occur mostly in animal foods and algae.

How is Omega beneficial to dogs?
One of the main concerns dog owners have when owning pets such as dogs is shedding. Even though most animals shred, there are various ways of stopping it.

One of them is omega that keeps the dog’s skin and fur moisturised and hydrated skin often reduces any kind of shredding in dogs. This also helps any dog owners who decide to get pets however are allergic to any sort of fur shredding.

Omega 3 for Dog

Furthermore, no owners wants to see their own pet suffer in any kind of way especially chronic diseases which are common in dogs which is the reality a lot of them must live through. Due to their immune system, omega is designed to reduce any kind of pain symptoms that may have been caused by inflammation.

The immune boosting properties of omega have known to protect your dogs and live healthy from various types of autoimmune diseases such as lupus and mange. Healthy benefits come from inflammatory symptoms of omega in any dog.

Omega comes with countless healthy benefits however the most common reason for it to be used in dogs is;
1. To improve their mental health
2. To help dogs learn better and they are used as anti-depressants due to the boost effect it has in serotonin.

Omega is known to be beneficial to your pet’s health and well-being in a myriad of ways starting from reducing inflammation to improving skin and coat of your dog and it is present in most rich foods. It is one of the most potent supplements that is highly recommended to be added to your pets’ diet.

As mentioned, before it has many ways of helping your pets some of them include;
1. Supporting the dogs brain development at a young age,
2. Helping them with arthritis by reducing any sort of inflammation,
3. Improving their ability to fight cancer, benefits the immune system and making it stronger,
4. Boosting heart rate and kidney health,
5. Improving their skin and fur coat as well as reducing a major amount of anxiety, depression and hyperactivity.

There are many acids that dogs can produce on their own however omega is known to be one of the few that they must get through their diet. Omega serves as a source of calories for your dog. Growing puppies require a dietary source of omega to help;
1. Support proper development and function of the brain
2. Nervous system and vision
3. For pregnant dogs, Omega is essential for proper development of the brains of their puppies.

What to researchers have to say about the use of Omega?
Research done in the past has shown positive results when it comes to the use of omega in not only humans but especially dogs as it has many health benefits that could help your dog live a healthier and a longer life.

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