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Obedience Training for Your Pet Cats

Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat

Cats are habitually underestimated on matters of behavior just because the owner has a little need for undertaking to training. Unlike dogs, there is no need of training cats on the pet rules in bathing and house training.

Consequently, there are only few people who are aware of the ability of their cats. The use of cat’s obedience training is a way that enriches the life of your cat. Cat obedience training is both achievable and essential.

Benefits of cat obedience training

think like a cat
Think like a cat
  • It creates a strong bond between the owner and the cat. Training makes the cat feel the presence of the owner and also know him/her more through the interaction.
  • After sometime the cat will start obeying the rules you are giving it. Through continuous practice it will be doing things without any supervision and only which are permitted by the owner.
  • It ensures the mind of the cat is active and stimulated.
  • It teaches the cat the social skill behaviors.
  • Training calms and reassures nervous and anxious cats through routine.

There are two main methods of training and which are also commonly used; Clicker training and Target training.

  • Clicker training – This form of cat behavior training is accompanied with operant taming. For this training, a noise making machine called clicker is used for creating a short and distinct noise. The noise is made exactly at the point when the cat does what its owner desires.
  • For example, when the cat is needed to sit, the clicker is clicked facing or touching the ground. After sitting, the cat is given a good treat and with this repetition, the cat gets used to it and it becomes a restrained behavior. It will recognize the sound of the click and it will sit down and wait for food or any commands.
  • Target training – This method involves attracting the attention of the cat and then later obtains the behavior of your desire through the use of a tool. For instance, if the owner wants the cat to stand up, it can be achieved with the help of training wand to draw its attention to rise up. Numerous such useful tools are accessible.

Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat

There are important things that should be taken note of during training session;

  • Patience should be a necessity- Due to the cat uniqueness, it has preferences and abilities. There are other behaviors that will take time to learn while others will be easily learned. The longer you own a cat, the more odd behaviors you will notice.
  • The owner should have a consideration on the appropriate obedience training on the personality of the cat. He should be able to control the temper when it does not do what is required.
  • If you are the one who is feeding the cat directly, don’t leave the food for it to feed whenever it feels. This routine has two functions; it makes the food act as a training tool increasing the food-reward and secondly, it introduces resemblance of routine in the life of the cat. This resemblance routine is preferred by many cats and it is not good at all.
  • Train the cat in a smart manner. If you are using the recommended food treat, a meal schedule becomes essential in the training session. There is need to learn the best meal that the cat likes since it plays a vital role in creating its attention.
  • When training your cat, it is advisable to first build a good foundation between the two of you before thinking expanding range.
  • Cats have a short-span attention and are bored easily and so the training sessions should always be short. There can be many commands. For instance, you can train cat to use scratching post.
  • When using clicker training, ensure you associate the clicking with same actions to prevent disruption or confusion to the cat. It is easy for the cat to create an association between the treats it’s given and the unrelated behavior. This is because it is impossible to feed the cat when it is performing a norm.
Cat Body Language

There are problems that are associated with cat training. Many people think that cats blushes at everything that allows it to do so. Sometimes, cats behave in a strange way and this can easily confuse the owner on what the cat needs. Though cat’s behavior can be quite confusing at times, there are ways to solve such issue. Some of the common cat behavior includes;

  • Territoriality. Most of the cats will brush their head at any object which allows them to do so. This is common in almost all cats. Cats are seen leaning on either a table or any other object to brush itself. Though these training sessions, you can observe their energy & vitality level and improve their behavior & performance.
  • Cats are also known to give a visitor a good company. They try to make the visitor feel at home when they sit alongside them. It will try and have fun with the visitor by making them play with it.
  • Even if they are trained on how well, they are going to hunt at times. Cats are naturally hunters and cannot spend all the hours indoors. It has to go out and search for something to hunt. This is handled by letting it go and identify its hunting field. If you take it negatively, there will be some interruption in training since the cat will feel offended and it will not be willing to corporate.
  • Lack of understanding of the behavior of the cat can be problematic. When the owner is not able to get what the cat wants, the training will be of no use to both the owner and the cat.

Cats can be obedient, but not like dogs. Cats can be trained to come when you call. The simple method is to not “free feed” them. Feed them dry food twice a day. When feeding, call “Kitty Kitty,” and wait until they come to pour their food.

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